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Women’s Options:
-Prestige Round:
Measurements: 53 - 24 - 140 mm
Fit: Standard
Details: Stainless Steel, Acetate, 100% UV Protection
Color: Gold Metal, Dark Smoke Lens, Shiny Snow White Lens
-Royal Voyager Cat Eye:
Measurements: 58 - 16 - 145 mm
Fit: Standard
Details: Acetate, Stainless Steel, 100% UV Protection
Color: Solid Smoke Lens, Shiny Red Tortoise Frame, Shiny Red Metal

Men’s Options:
Slate Clubmaster:
Measurements: 52 - 21 - 140 mm
Fit: Standard
Details: Acetate, Stainless Steel, Polarized, 100% UV Protection
Color: Solid Smoke Lens, Matte Green Marble Frame, Gunmetal
Requiem Aviator:
Measurements: 59 - 16 - 145 mm
Fit: Standard
Details: Acetate, Polarized, 100% UV Protection
Color: Dark Gold Mirrored Lens, Shiny Black Frame

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Behold, our new and exclusive Men’s Summer Set. This season, we wanted to introduce a specially curated set that presents two of our top premiere shades that highlight an elite take on two classic styles.

 Pair 1 – Requiem Aviator: Reinventing a timeless style was not an easy task but we are glad we took the risk. Instead of opting for the usual metal aviator frame, we wanted to restructure this style by utilizing our acetate material. Due to it’s popularity, Requiem is now a quintessential style for every man’s wardrobe.

Pair 2 - Slate Clubmaster: In order to exceed the high standards of such a sought after style, we included a new and eccentric matte marble print that is visually striking, yet still compliments every face shape and skin tone.

It’s time to be assertive with our new and exclusive Women’s Summer Set. Summer is all about change so get ready to swap out your usual go to shades and immerse yourself in two eclectic styles that are sure to bring that final touch to your summer wardrobe.

Pair 1 – Royal Voyager Cat Eye: Switch up your basic cat eye with this delightful vibrant red tortoise frame. Whether you are at the playa or just running errands, our Royal Voyager style will certainly spruce up your look from head to toe.

Pair 2 – Prestige Round: Round up how many times you have refused to wear anything but black frames. There is no fun in repeating the same color every day and that is why we chose to go in the opposite direction with our new snow white color option. Prestige is capable of keeping things simple and neutral while still making your look fashion forward. .